Build and protect the kingdom!

You are the newly-appointed governor of one of the kingdom's frontier provinces. You don't have much to work with, really. Not a single building was left standing by the monsters that raid the land every winter. But you do have the full support of the king's advisors!

Use your dice to influence the advisors into giving you the resources you need to build fantastic buildings... or for the military might you'll need to defend them when winter comes around!

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This is the First Edition of the award-winning Kingsburg!

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Winner of the 2007 Lucca Game "Best of the Best" and "Best Boardgame".

In Kingsburg, you rule over a border province in a typical fantasy kingdom. At first, your province is barren: you must start from scratch!

For the first three seasons each year, you use your dice to influence the advisors of the king's court. Each advisor can be used only once per season, though, so you'll have to be clever if you're going to get everything you need!

The advisors will supply you with precious resources—gold, stone, and lumber—that you can use to build new buildings in your province. Each building is worth a number of victory points and grants you its own special ability. Some buildings will help you influence the advisors so you can gather more resources, while others will help you defend your province. Which is important because...

Every winter a band of terrible monsters will attack! Be they lowly goblins or mighty dragons, you must prepare your province to repel the invaders, or else you will see your buildings and resources looted and destroyed!

Balance your production with your defense and outwit your rivals, and the king just might choose to make you the heir to his kingdom!

Additional Info

  • Designer Andrea Chiarvesio and Luca Iennaco
  • Publishing Partner Stratelibri
  • Country of Origin Italy
  • Number of Players 2 to 5
  • Suitable Ages 13 and up

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