Out of Gears

Out of Gears (5)

When mankind left the Earth behind to seek the universe, they left a few things behind: a mountain of trash and eight lonely robots in need of a new master! Now these abandoned robots must compete for the few spare parts—called "Gears"—that remain!


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Everybody knows that a good robot is one that has all of its Gears in the right place. Too bad there just aren't enough Gears to go around!

Eight wacky robots, left behind when humanity made the great leap into the universe, must now compete for the few working Gears left on Earth. You'll have to dig through the mountains of trash left behind, hoping to uncover the right Gear for the job.

Of course, why should you do all the work when there are other robots to do it for you? Maybe you'll have better luck taking the Gears you want from another robot. You'll have to catch them by surprise, though: They aren't going to give up their Gears without a fight!

Out of Gears pits your poor, lonely robot against up to seven other Gear-hungry machines. You need to collect as many spare parts—called "Gears"—as you can before they run out. But the competition is fierce and you're going to have to fight the others if you're going to get the Gears!

Out of Gears is a simultaneous play game, so you never have to wait for your turn! All players play at the same time. First, you pick what action you're going to take, and what your target is going to be. Do you want to dig through a junkyard to try and find some Gears? Or should you attack an unsuspecting rival and steal his Gears from him? Or maybe you want to set a devious little trap on a junkyard, hoping that one of your rivals will stumble into it?

Once all the actions are chosen, they are resolved at the same time. A successful action will earn you Gears, but if your opponent outwitted you, he'll take them from you!

Additional Info

  • Designer Andrea Nani
  • Publishing Partner Red Glove
  • Country of Origin Italy
  • Number of Players 2 to 8
  • Suitable Ages 8 and up

Out of Gears includes:

8 robot cards
24 action cards
64 number cards
8 internal circuit boards
8 junkyard boards
88 Gear tokens
8 stand-up bases



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