Ark & Noah

Ark & Noah

Storm clouds are gathering... there isn't much time left! Can you help Noah and his three sons finish the Ark in time to save all the animals?

Includes easy-to-learn rules for family play AND more advanced rules for a more challenging game!


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Ark & Noah is a "semi-cooperative" game based on the biblical story of the Flood. Noah and his three sons have only a short time before the rains begin and the deluge will wash away everything on earth. Can you help them finish their work and load all of the pairs of animals before the rains fall?

The players must work together to build the Ark, collecting and using lumber and pitch to form the hull of the vessel and to create corrals inside to hold the animals. But at the same time, they compete to earn the most points by adding components to the Ark and loading paired animals. The player who has done the best work when the Ark is finished wins the game!

In Ark & Noah, you assume the role of Noah or one of his three sons. You begin with little more than some animals and a bit of lumber.

Each round, you will choose an action that you wish to take. Each player must choose a different action, and the actions chosen determine the turn order for the round. The different actions allow you to gather lumber and pitch to build the Ark, find animals to make pairs, and load animals and supplies onto the Ark.

All the players work together to complete the Ark, using the boards and pitch they have collected. Once the hull is complete, the game will come to an end, so the players themselves control the length of the game. They also cooperate to build corrals inside the Ark. Each pair of animals needs their own perfectly-sized corral.

The animals are drawn randomly from two bags and must be paired up—one male, one female—before they can be loaded onto the Ark. But if your opponent has the other half of your pair, that's no problem: When you load your animal, he will automatically load his at the same time!

Victory points are awarded for adding components to the Ark and loading your animals. When the rain begins to fall, you'll have one last chance to load up your animals and supplies. If you're forced to leave an animal behind, you lose victory points!

Ark & Noah includes two sets of rules. The "Quick Game Rules" are great for families or players new to the game, and can be played in about half an hour. The standard rules are only slightly more complicated, but offer enough strategic depth to satisfy even experienced game fans. Both games play in less than an hour.

Additional Info

  • Designer Stefano Groppi
  • Publishing Partner Placentia Games
  • Country of Origin Germany
  • Number of Players 2 to 4
  • Suitable Ages 8 and up

Ark & Noah includes:

1 modular game board (the number of players determines the size of the Ark!)
1 action board
26 pairs of animal tokens
108 wooden "boards"
35 woode "pitch" cubes
56 food tiles
8 worker pawns
4 character tiles
4 scoring markers
"Quick Game" and standard rules in English, French, German, and Italian 


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