Fairy Land

Fairy Land

The King of the Fairies is due to return from a long voyage. Can you put on the most impressive reception and prove yourself the greatest of the Fairy Houses? Or will the mischevious goblins and clumsy ogres thwart your careful plans?

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Join the friendly fairies of the forest in this quick-paced bidding and collecting game. Can you outwit and outbid your rivals for the most beautiful and wondrous things the forest has to offer?

Features beautifully-illustrated tarot-sized cards from the world's leader in Tarot decks.

Plays fast: most games take about half an hour!

In Fairy Land, you are the ruler of one of the Fairy Houses, devoted subjects to the King and Queen of Fairy-kind. Normally, your days are filled with fun frolicing among the trees in the forest. But word has just arrived that the King is due to return soon—and you haven't prepared a reception for him!

Now you must compete with the other Fairy Houses to gather the most spectacular collection of beautiful things from the forest. Your only resources are the Fairies of your House: a hand of seven cards valued 1 to 7, and your Fairy Crest, which you can use to recall all of your Fairies (so you can spend them again).

Within the forest are three clearings. The various animals and flowers of the forest can be found there. But the competition for all the stuff in a clearing is tough: you will have to bid for them using your Fairy cards. The highest bidder gets to take all the cards from the clearing to add to his or her reception. Your goal is to collect matching sets of Forest cards:

The single player with the most of each animal is the only player to get points for that animal!

The more matching flowers of a color you can collect, the more points they are worth!

But things in the forest are not always so simple. There are goblins and ogres roaming around the forest that you must try to avoid. If you win a clearing with an ogre, it will carelessly trample some of your flowers and chase your animals away! Collect too many goblins, and they will cause a ruckus at the reception and you'll lose points!

Need to get an edge on your competition? You can ask for an audience with the Fairy Queen, who will award you a potent magical trinket. Or you can visit the druids to get access to one of their hidden secrets of the forest.

So put on your Fairy best and impress the Fairy King with the most spectacular display you can!

Additional Info

  • Designer Luca Iennaco
  • Publishing Partner Lo Scarabeo
  • Country of Origin Belgium
  • Number of Players 2 to 4
  • Suitable Ages 12 and up

Fairy Land includes:

  • 84 Forest cards
  • 32 House cards
  • 19 Queen's Court cards in English
  • 19 Queen's Court cards in French
  • 2 player aides in both languages
  • Rules in English and French

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