Strada Romana

Strada Romana

Even the ancient Romans were not immune to the scourge of the highway: traffic jams! Can you guide the merchant wagons along the Strada Romana from the mighty city to the port of Ostia without getting hopelessly snarled in traffic? More importantly: can you make a profit along the way?

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Navigating your way through the crowded roads leading to Rome is already pretty tough. But fans of Strada Romana have asked for even more ways to challenge themselves (and each other!). Designer Walter Obert has obliged, and presents these Optional Rules for your amusement!

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At the beginning of the second century, AD, Rome was a sprawling metropolis at the center of a world-spanning empire. Cartloads of supplies and goods stream into the city without end, travelling from the port of Ostia to the gates of the city along the “Strada Romana,” the Roman Road.

A successful merchant, or “mercator,” must navigate this traffic to deliver valuable goods. But he must also have a keen eye for any opportunities along the way. In this game by Walter Obert, players contend with rival merchants and traffic jams as they seek profit and wealth. And what’s wrong with a little side bet on which wagon will reach its destination first?

Strada Romana was awarded the Boulagne Billancourt award in 2008. Walter Obert has been designing games since 1991. Strada Romana is his tenth published design.

Additional Info

  • Designer Walter Obert
  • Publishing Partner Games in Italy
  • Country of Origin Germany
  • Number of Players 2 to 5
  • Suitable Ages 8 and up

Strada Romana includes:

a game board

10 stand-up wagons with bases

36 wooden cubes

36 wooden tiles

10 wagon tiles

40 wooden tokens

a cloth bag

an illustrated rulebook in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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